Top 5 Best Kaskade Songs You Don’t Want To Miss

In the past, musicians couldn’t break through the glass ceiling of the underground. Their audience was composed of these shut enough to check a concert and develop a free demo. Touring was next to impossible, and ended up costing cash rather than making it. however individuals did it as a result of they wanted to induce their music out there. And while not the assistance of a record label, that was a very difficult factor.

You can’t just tweet something for the sake of tweeting. What makes a tweet interesting and worth following is a useful and valuable content. If you are focused on doing sales, you tweet your announcements about your promotions, coupons, discount offers or freebies to your followers. If you are focused on delivering customer service, tweet about solutions to common problems. Be an advocate. Respond to questions and give newsworthy tidbits.

Nemesis: The biggest thing is that at a club, I “warm them up”. I build the pressure up and increase the tempo throughout the evening. You can see everyone’s faces. I’m usually hanging out at the bar talking with everyone before and after my sets. It’s more intimate. Dragon*Con, I go on at 2 or 3am. There is no need to “warm them up” at this point. I come out swinging hard soundcloud plays and don’t stop. I don’t want people yawning and slowing down. I keep the tempo high, get them screaming and wanting more, and make sure I have a wide array of electronic genres that are all just banging tracks – no filler.

Remember that case where the guy got fired for liking the “wrong” political candidate on Facebook? Well, good news for people who think a Facebook like should be considered an act of free speech. Today, a federal court ruled that Facebook likes are protected by the first amendment.

Chris Combs: It’s been formative to say the least. Playing in Jacob Fred has been amazing and we’ve experienced some great things in a lot ways. We’ve had the opportunity to play music with some of our heroes. It’s informed and educated us in a way that’s certainly unique. The whole time playing together you’re developing a language with someone and a way to communicate without speaking. I think we’ve developed a pretty intimate understanding of each other musically and can move as a unit very easily. I really think Booomclap is one of the purest crystallizations of that interaction.

CC: Social media makes it really easy for potential listeners to connect with us quickly. Our music is instantly accessible all over the world for anyone with an Internet connection. In the last year almost 40% of the plays on our were from outside the United States. That’s an awesome feeling.

With this swell of success and impressive musical sound The Getout is on the fast track for being on everyones musical radar but the band has a simple plan for the future. “We are taking it one day at a time, We have some rad shows in the near future. We are also planning to record a couple new singles for radio play we hope to land a few festivals this summer and do some touring.” The Getout is also planning to release their first full length album by the end of the summer.

To review mixes by Jen Z, visit her Soundcloud page. Jen also will be performing at one of the biggest Breaks and Dubstep shows of the year this month on the 11th called “The Future Sounds Of Breaks”. Make sure to RSVP to get in on the live action.